Thursday, September 06, 2007

Anyone in the singles market?

So, it recently came to my attention that two women have advocated themselves in a recent breakup, and a husband search.

First, a breakup many will be excited about; even though I think this person is very nice and so is her filmmaker husband as well:

That's right! Jenna Fischer, fresh off the hotness that is The Office, has just recently announced on her and her ex-husband's myspace page that they have officially separated. I'm sure they were in good spirits and wish them all the best. At the same time, ain't Jenna Fischer fine? Either way, go wish her and the ex the best of wishes, and who knows? Maybe you can get lucky? Don't even act like y'all don't be pimpin' on myspace either.

A second opportunity presented itself when I stumbled upon a Pitchfork interview:

M.I.A, who just released a stellar fuckin' album called "Kala," has cited in a interview with Pitchfork that she is in need to extend her visa for a year. So she asked the kind interviewer at Pitchfork that she needs a husband, so she can do some heavy touring in the states. Think you can hang? Go to M.I.A.'s MySpace page and make your thoughts known.

Hey, worth a shot right?

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