Monday, October 15, 2007

"Movement 4:6" out 10/31!

The countdown begins.
Phingaz + Phaust + Phorest + Vividend = Sinthesis.

Sinthesis + T.Q.D. + Carnage + Ecid + Eyedea + Many more = Movement 4:6.

Movement 4:6 is out on 10/31/07 via iTunes and various other outlets you can find them at.

They'll be doing an in-store at Uprok Records in Salt Lake City the day of it's release, with a show to follow at good ol' Liquid Joe's that same night. Special guests? Giveaways? Ballin' costume parties? You never know.

Egypto highly suggests you support the homies from SL.UT and get your copy! CHEA!

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