Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Been awhile folks....

Hey there folks! Been awhile.

As some of you can tell, I started my own label awhile back; Background Noise. I have been in a mad dash wanting to post to you guys the latest news and also promote the folks I know as my good friends and counterparts in the music scene in general. Imagine to my surprise when I had received all this press regarding my label showcase that occurred at a very intimate venue in Minneapolis. And little did I know on a rather joyous 28th Birthday for me that I would get my chance to show the scene what it has taught me and the exact affirmation I needed to show I was doing the right thing.

I thank you, the loyal readers and the passerby readers for stopping by my blog on the daily to await my many multi-posts regarding your favorite news on music, pop culture, and sometimes satirical stabs at politics.

You stuck through it all and I owe you nothing less.

My resurrection shall soon come. Promise.

Don't consider this a swan song, but consider this more of a, "I'll be posting much as I can."

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