Sunday, November 02, 2008

DRS Recordings (aka DeathRayScientific)

DRS Recordings (aka DeathRayScientific) was originally based in Texas and transplanted over to Minnesota, where they have been hosting various shows at the Dinkytowner called Switch, dedicated to MC Battling, as well as being a showcase for the local scene acts of today within Minneapolis/St. Paul. DRS consists of the following members: Esbe, djo, Savage Henry, Leonard Rhombus, geofferywatsonMC, DisputeOne, Spy, Shelltoe (who served as a regional Scribble Jam winner), A.Po, and Wide Eyes, among several others. They recently just held a Halloween Release Party at the Dinkytowner this past friday for their first effort as a crew. And needless to say, it really holds up.

I was amazingly surprised at each of the efforts on this rathter sprawled out 18+ track disc, but it was engineered awesomely and very well presented from the artwork to the music in it. It's abstract, but not as abstract as Anticon, at the same time it provides a very nice feel and rich tapestry across each track, and this is because of each individual act present on this disc and how differently they ride production from Esbe, Enlightened Minds, Sean Anonymous, Filthy McNasty and various others.

If you have a chance, you can visit their website or their myspace to check out the tunes as well as each of the individual artists. Supposedly the whole release party was taped, and I did a rendition of ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya." Will it end up in there? We'll see....

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