Monday, August 27, 2007

Artist you need to know about: Donnie

Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your ears upon Donnie, a soul singer from Atlanta, GA. Donnie first made waves when his Motown/Giant Step debut, "The Colored Section," came out in stores. His rich vocals deliver a woven tapestry of self motivation and inspiration galore. Such tracks as "Cloud 9," "Do You Know," and "Do You Know" highlight Donnie's deep and rich voice, while the production carries around from near standardized blues to revolutionary R&B at its finest.

Therefore it should be no surprise that Donnie's sophomore effort, "The Daily News" is more in your face without being as preachy, but at the same time, when it gets preachy is when Donnie gets melodic. For example, "Over The Counter Culture," is quite the jam, but the way that Donnie melds the lyrics together in this soul infuse groove, it can pass for a modern day R&B dance jam. A portion of the lyrics; if you will:

They got a pill for my erection
And another for my depression
And I can taste in my dinner
With your artificial flavor
You be doin’ it undercover
An invisible chemical war
So you don’t ever be breaking no law
In an over-the-counter culture

You can read more about Donnie's "The Daily News" at PopMatters, where they have a review posted for the album. But this is definitely a voice that you should not forget.

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