Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Egypto's Recent Vinyl Listens, Volume 1

Pulled this vinyl out just last night. I originally copped it from Aardvark, but hearing this album on vinyl made the quality of this album all the more richer of an experience to me.

This happens to be one of my favorite punk albums of the 70s. I had originally heard about it from a friend back in like 98 when I was just getting into older punk like Sex Pistols, The Clash, and numerous other punk bands. I had scoured a lot of places then managed to find a used copy for 8 bucks. The rest is history.

Another album that I purchased on vinyl which I was rather happy to find and loved for the same reasons as Electric Ladyland was the first hip hop record I fell in love with:

The sound on vinyl is almost primitive, but man, it definitely enhances the Prince Paul sound to me all the better. Kind of reminds me when I first bought it on tape.

--The other thing I purchased, was more of a bulk purchase than anything, and there was a funny story about this. This old lady at my job knew I have records and the like, so she had a friend within the company that was selling her jukebox. She had about 30-40 45's that she was selling, so I told her to name her price and I would take all that she had off her hands. Walked away with a ton of gems for about 20 bucks, which wasn't bad at all. I'll post up some pictures here when I get home this evening of some of the choices if anyone's interested.

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