Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Download: The Roots: "Things Fall A Preview" (Mixtape by DJ Jazzy Jeff)

(download link & text provided via Okayplayer)

First of all, and we generally say this every year on this day, F$*@ CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. And now that that's out of the way, it's time for another OkayThrowback. Here we have OKPs tREBLEFREE and handle to thank for liberating The Roots' 10 year old Things Fall Apart album sampler mixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff from its cassette form into digital download.

The Roots: Things Fall A Preview (MCA-4P-90170)
Mixed by DJ Jazzy Jeff

>>> MP3 archive (64MB): http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/tfap_mp3.zip
>>> FLAC archive (249): http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/tfap_flac.zip

Links to scans of the front and back of the sleeve as well as the cassette itself, after the jump. I have one of these, somewhere. Oh, and I probably have about 20 of the "running girl" posters at the crib. Ginger suggested we get ?uesto to sign them and put them in the store.

Front: http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/front.jpg
Back: http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/back.jpg
Side 1: http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/side1.jpg
Side 2: http://www.therootsarchive.com/encoded/tfap/side2.jpg

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