Thursday, October 02, 2008

Video Dance Floor Dale B/W Flying Lotus "Parisian Goldfish" (NSFW)

Directed by Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric) in association with Warp Records and Warp Films. Music by Flying Lotus. Co Directed/ Animation by Devin Flynn. Co Directed/ Edited by Eric Fensler. More info at

EGYPTO'S LAMENT: You need to watch this at least once. Whether you view it twice or three times is up to you, but at the very least, watch it once, won't you?


JSL said...

Wow man. I'm speechless. That's just odd. To say the least. Where on earth did you find this? Ha!

Egypto Knuckles said...

Dude, I came across this hella anonymously when surfing the Okayplayer boards. Tons of discovery there.

By the way, check it out, I posted up about Score. Can't wait to hear it fam!

JSL said...

Much appreciated. You know how we do. Support=support.

Thanks sir!

PS: Check for clips on MySpace Halloween...