Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kanye Bringing Fatburger to Chicago

(swiped from Pitchfork Media)

If you believe Men's Fitness Magazine, Pitchfork's hometown of Chicago currently stands as the 20th fattest city in the U.S. Best believe we're coming for that #1 spot (uh, again) thanks to the tireless efforts of Kanye West.

According to Crain's [via Chicagoist], Kanye's KW Foods LLC plans to open the very first Chicago-area location of the gluttony-forward California-based fast food chain Fatburger. Fatburger will open the doors at their new spot in suburb Orland Park next month, with another coming in January on the south side. Crain's reports that KW Foods has secured the rights to open 10 Fatburger joints in the region, and are currently seeking a lease on a third locale.

Of course, one cannot help but point out the irony of the dude who penned "The New Workout Plan" opening up a restaurant with that particular name, but, shit, man, Kingburgers and Fat Fries make their own rules.

Thanks Kanye! We're back on top, fam!

Video: Kanye West: Champion [from the Graduation LP]

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