Thursday, August 28, 2008

MINNEAPOLIS: Explode the Vote @ Coffman Great Hall


After viewing several of the inspirational speeches given at the DNC, it is vital that getting the word out about voting has become more important than ever. So one of my acts on my Background Noise label, Green Sketch, will be performing at an event called Explode the Vote with Brother Ali, Big Quarters, The Usual Suspects and Illuminous 3 at the Coffman Great Hall on Thursday, October 2nd. Click on the image above to purchase your tickets and support the cause. Proceeds will go towards re-electing Keith Ellison.

In addition, the Background Noise Crew made a song about voting called "Time for Something," and it features the homies Orikal and J.L. Magee. You can listen to it below:

Background Noise Crew F/Orikal & J.L. Magee "Time For Something"

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