Friday, August 15, 2008

Streets Collaborations With Robert Wyatt, Muse Trashed

(swiped from Pitchfork Media)
With the release of the Streets' fourth LP, Everything Is Borrowed, approaching fast, Mike Skinner continues to ramble on. He's let loose the album's purty cover [above], revealed details of a Robert Wyatt duet that didn't make the album, and seen the leaking of a collaboration with Muse. Plus, he rambles to almost no end on the Streets' MySpace blog, though not without some juicy hints at Everything's follow-up.
The press release for Everything Is Borrowed mentions that album track "On the Edge of a Cliff" originally featured vocals from elusive psych legend Robert Wyatt. For some reason, that version was "lost in the edit," according to Skinner.
Not so lost, however, is Skinner's collaboration with Muse. A couple weeks ago, a track began circulating on various websites and message boards, purporting to be a pairing of the two British juggernauts. Muse confirmed it with a post on their website, saying "The MP3 floating around...was the result of a late-night jam session and something we did for a bit of a laugh featuring a blues riff we have been playing live recently upon which Skinner recorded some vocals. It is not intended to be a serious release so we are happy for it to be leaked unofficially."
According to a report from The Guardian, the track is called "Who Knows Who" and is the result of Muse singer Matt Bellamy's desire to create "London rap-rock" with Skinner, as quoted from an April interview with BBC 6 Music.
In the realm of official releases, Skinner's aforementioned MySpace blog references the Streets' follow-up to Everything Is Borrowed, which he is still calling the Streets' final album. In an earlier post, Skinner called the record "dark" and "Berlin-influenced." In this newest post, he writes, "I've finally done it. I finally bought the legendary 909 drum machine I always wanted. I'm bringin' it home for the final Streets album (not this one-- you might have to wait two years for this shit). It's gonna be called Computers and Blues, and it's all about dancing and CHATTING SHIT. 45 minutes of 130 bpm-style straight spittin'."
We're not sure how much of that to believe since most of it seems to come from Skinner's excitement about the drum machine, but hey, we like dancing and chatting shit, whatever that is exactly. We're also not sure how much to believe about this blog post, which claims that Skinner had his house repossessed on Tuesday. Though the line, "you'll get to see the whole video when it drops soon..." suggests that maybe it had something to do with a music video.
Everything Is Borrowed comes out in the UK via 679 on September 15. The album's second, still-unnamed single follows on September 29.
The Streets have plenty of dates in support of Everything Is Borrowed starting in October, and before then, they have two European festival shows this month.
The Streets:
08-19 Ibiza, Spain - Ibiza Rocks Festival
08-29 Paris, France - Rock en Seine
10-04 Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowlands
10-05 Manchester, England - Academy
10-06 Sheffield, England - Plug
10-09 Birmingham, England - Academy
10-10 Newcastle, England - Academy
10-11 Oxford, England - Academy
10-13 Southampton, England - Guildhall
10-14 Preston, England - 53 Degrees
10-16 Norwich, England - UEA
10-17 Bristol, England - Academy
10-18 Nottingham, England - Rock City
10-19 Leeds, England - Academy
10-25 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
10-27 Copenhagen, Denmark - KB Hall
10-28 Hamburg, Germany - Gross Freiheit
10-29 Bielefeld, Germany - Ringlokschuppen
10-30 Dresden, Germany - Strasse E
11-01 Duisburg, Germany - Kraftzentrale
11-02 Frankurt, Germany - Hugenottenhalle
11-03 Berlin, Germany - Huxleys
11-04 Warsaw, Poland - Stodola
11-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
11-07 Luxembourg, Germany - Den Atler
11-09 Munich, Germany - Muffthalle
11-10 Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
11-11 Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
11-12 Zurich, Switzerland - Rota Fabric
11-13 Freiberg, Germany - Fri-son
11-15 Madrid, Spain - Joy Eslava
11-16 Barcelona, Spain - Razzmataz 2
11-18 Strasbourg, France - Laiterie

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